Product Name:  Checktrode Electrode Tester


Item #:  W1089NP
Category:  Sensor\Signal Testers
Price:  $620.00
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The Model 1089NP evolved from the 1089ES,and has a few important differences. Whereas the 1089ES is a general-purpose instrument, the Model 1089NP is intended for use with several specific electrode caps. These include the Brainmaster Discovery qEEG system cap, the NeuroPulse Systems qEEG cap, the Mistar Systems cap and any standard Electro Cap or Comby Cap used with other qEEG systems. For ease of use, Model 1089NP rotary selection switch positions are directly keyed to electrode site names for the listed caps. A two-position TEST switch permits the two reference electrodes supplied with these caps to be tested against each other. When good contact between them has been established, just flip the TEST switch to link the two reference electrodes, then check contact impedances of the remaining cap electrodes.

1 Year Warranty.